Web Design… It can’t be that hard!

Before joining the Graphic Design program here at Cambrian College I had no real knowledge of web design or how  websites are even created.  But luckily the PAGD program has truly an amazing web design course and teacher to go along with it. When the first web class came around for me I was more then unprepared.  Do to some unforeseen mishaps during my first semester I missed the first two weeks of wed design and that really scared the piss out of me because I know that web is huge and isn’t going away.  For the next couple weeks I sat at the front of the class trying to catch up on everything!  After the initial panic surpassed I wasn’t feeling to bad about what I’ve learned, it wasn’t that hard, I could do this.  Well was I ever wrong about that…  It is hard, and quickly learned why a website can easily cost in the $1500+ range.   Here is a an example!

<div class=”nav-BG”>

<div id=”nav”>


<li><a href=”#”>About</a></li>

<li><a href=”#”>Work</a></li>

<li><a href=”#”>Contact</a></li>




Now this is a very simple navigation we just created that would link to our other pages named About, Work, and Contact.  Pretty simple right. Yes, for everyone else that doesn’t have dyslexia!  I case you didn’t know I’m dyslexic and when it comes to wed development this is a serious problem,  for me at least! Here is a common problem I catch myself doing all the time.


<div id=”nav”>


<il><a href=”#”>About</a></il>

<il><a href=”#”>Work</a></il>

<il><a href=”#”>Contact</a></il>





You see it?…   RIGHT THERE!

Being dyslexic makes its very simple for me to flip words, letters, and even numbers without me noticing the problems I’m creating for myself as I’m coding a website.  Web development is very finicky and can easily become frustrating when nothing works for you and can you can’t see the problem like the one above where I switched <li> for <il>.  Frustrations aside I truly do love web design.  I love the fact that I can see the development of the site as I’m coding it in real time.  Web Development is very rewarding and thats one of the main reasons I love coding so much!


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