The Open Studio.

The Open Studio is Sudbury’s newest art gallery and studio space.  As I’m currently a Graphic Design student at Cambrian College I’ve really come to notice the impact Open Studio is starting to have on our community.  When Ron Beltrame first approached the PAGD program about opening this new studio I didn’t think that the studio would be as  successful as it has been.  Another aspect I’d like point out is the directions in which the Open Studio as gone, I’ve found that it’s not like the other standard studios in town which are only around to profit from Sudbury’s local talent.  The Open Studio has always had a message or purpose behind each show/ exhibit that they’ve put on so far.  Doing this has aloud the public to truly become aware not only of us as designers, but our local community issues and topics that we find are in some need of deserving some attention.  In the end I truly think that the Open Studio is a positive icon for Sudbury and it’s surrounding area,  and with Ron leading the charge of this growing studio I can see them out growing the current location into something bigger very quickly. Open Studio…  good job!


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