Typography… It’s important.

One of my core design beliefs is that typography is one of the most important aspects when it come to design.  Typography is the art or procedure of arranging type or processing data and printing from it (Apple dictionary), but it’s more then just typing something up and your job is done as this definition would suggest.  In fact its much more complicated then that for example headings, subheadings, captions, call-outs, and body copy are all entirely separate pieces of text that will make up a single article, but each and every piece has to be styled independently, and still look visually like they belong together.  Font families such as Garamond, Caslon, have managed to stand a true test of time, and because of this have become some of the most versatile families around having type specimens tailored for specific uses such as headings and captions. Garamond and Caslon are whats known as serif typefaces which I’ve always found difficult to use in my more modern approach to design. When it comes to my more modern designs I normally opted for a sans serif typeface not only for the readability but the cleanliness they offer.  I’ve always found something beautiful about a well rendered sans serif typeface such as Brandon Grotesque / Text,  Verlag, and Gotham.  I can go on for hours about type and font families, and how important it is to the end product of your design.  In the end I just want to go out with this on my last note…  Don’t skimp out on the type it’s so important!


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