Infographics are an emerging trend coming from the graphic design field/ industry.  The purpose of a infographic is to distill complex information into small bite size pieces so that the reader can easily grasp the overall message. One of the main problems I’ve come to notice is when an infographic has become overly illustrated.  Almost as if the piece was to lacking in the information side of the project so the designer just dresses the piece up with a fancy background, and adds all kinds of other visuals that don’t necessarily pertain to the consumption of information for the reader. A positive aspect of an infographic on the other hand is that the reader is able to take so much more information away from one powerful piece of design then they would be able to if they were to look at the raw data used to create the piece.  Infographics defiantly have their positives and negative aspects to them but I can see a trend forming were the infrographic will be a sought after piece of design just like business card or website

– The infographic is here to stay.


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