Business & Wide-format Printing

Recently I’ve started a business with my father Paul Ouellette.  The company is known as North American Wraps (,  and we’re a local company specializing in the design, production, and distribution of  vehicle wraps. These past 16 months have really been a never ending roller coster. The reason this NAW has managed to reach the position that its currently at is really because of three things, One managing to acquire a grant for $25000 from Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, Secondly after doing some digging around town and finding what I think could possibly be the best corporation in all of sudbury Nickel Basin Development Corporation for funding to get the grant, and last but not least Andrew at All Graphic Supplies for giving us one of the best possible deals on our brand new Mimaki CJV 30-130 and a Royal Sovereign RSC-1401C.  Our equipment, or what a refer to that the office as “my babies” are really what makes all of this happen at North American Wraps. The Mimaki CJV 30-130 is our wide-formate printer and cutter which prints/cuts 54″ wide and basically does all the grunt work for use.  The Royal Sovereign RSC-1401C is the laminator which applies the laminate to protect the printed material from scratching and fading from the UV rays. I’ve been using this printer for about a year now so this wasn’t anything new to me,   my pervious employer had purchased the same printer, and this is where I learned basically everything about it now when it comes to this large machine.  The laminator on the other hand was a dream come true.  This scary beast of a monster is one beautiful piece of fully automated equipment that makes our life so much easier, and I’m so happy we spent the money on it. Being a start-up business has been fun but I’m tired of working on it and not turing a profit,  soon the money will start flowing…  I can just feel it!


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