Ai vs EPS vs SVG

I think it’s about time we talk a little nerdy for and bit and we dig into the differences between vector art file formats.  First I think its important to understand what vector art is.  Heres a simple way to explain how vector art works,  vector art uses points and lines to create you art,  All of the your points and lines are ran through a mathematical algorithm which takes into account where all the points and lines are in relation to each other, and because of  mathematical algorithm behind it all the vector art is 100% scaleable both large and small.  Okay, so lets jump in, files with an extension of  “.ai” are in todays times the standard for vector art file format.  Ai files are Adobe Illustrator’s(side note Adobe Illustrator is my favourite program)  native format and to me it’s the most versatile formate out there, because almost ever vector program will open this file type.  Our next runner up in the line of formats is the grampa of the bunch, the almighty “.eps” stands for Encapsulated Post Script.  This format just like all the other vector formats in the world work the same way.  This format has some defects within it mainly because its an old format, for example eps can’t render a gradation properly and turns them into bands of colour. Lastly we have the Scaleable Vector Graphic or it’s also known as a “.svg”.  Scaleable  Vector Graphic have one benefit that all the others do not,  it can be used on the web.  This feature comes in handy when your developing a fully responsive website.  Vector Graphics are a major part in the design world and these three format are only a few that came to mind, I could go on for days.


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