Can I design a video?

Recently I’ve started looking into doing some video editing and design work for a couple other projects of mine. It first started when I visited Studio 123( site they launched. They use a repeating video in the background which I found added a very cool and unique feel to their site.  I was curious to see not only if I could do something along these lines with my site but if video editing was something maybe I wanted to peruse, and could possible teach myself and add to my repertoire.  Knowing that Adobe’s video editing soft wear was called After Effects(AE), I went ahead and got a the Creative Cloud version.  Now the first time I opened this program I sure as shit was intimidated!  After reading a little into the functionality of AE and watching the “basics” video adobe offers, I became more comfortable with how the program works. The user interface was less intimidating after words.  The first video I managed to string together actually wasn’t that bad and I’m using it for my freelance collective ( I’ve started with some class mates.  I think video is going to be the direction web design is heading and we’re going to be getting away from dated slideshows we see today.  All in all video wasn’t the worst thing I’ve tired to teach myself, and I most definitely will be perusing it in the future.


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