One of the first true hobbies I picked beside painting was photography.  I wanted to get into photography mainly for two reasons. One, was to be able to look back on all the things I’ve done in my life such as travel, and the other would be to get my lazy ass out of my house, and still be able to do something creative.  That’s something I’ve always tried to do in my life, make stuff more beautiful or better to look at.  I think that is why I’ve choosing Graphic Design.  But yes, photography was one of my first hobbies that a truly got into.  It started when I managed to scramble up $800 to buy my first DSLR a Canon Rebel XSI. After that purchase, it seemed like someone opened the flood gates and the money just seemed to poured out of my pockets.  I needed everything: telephoto zoom lens, flash, camera bag, tripod, battery grip, and filters. You name it I wanted it,  next thing I know I’ve spent $2000 on camera gear! There always seemed to be something else I needed for my camera,  but the one thing I’ve always wanted but never could offered was an Canon L-Series lens,  these babies were top of the line Canon lens that normally started at $1100 – to this day I still don’t have one.  Photography was something that made me happy and I loved doing it, then one day I just didn’t have time to go out and shoot anymore…  Kinda like painting, and then school consumed my life.





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