Man I’m really starting to love video!

This could possibly be the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life.   As I’ve perviously talk about in my blog, video is something I’ve been trying to teach myself and I freaking love typography.  This video a an amazing example of whats known as a Typographic Motion Video.  I’ve seen this kind of stuff before but didn’t know what it was called up until now.  Typographic Motion Videos are not only beautiful but are technically very difficult to make/ produce.  The reason for this is everything has to be perfectly on time and matching up exactly when the reader or singer changes what he/she said.  To make it even more difficult you have to add effects and motion within the word so the viewer doesn’t get bored and move on to the next video.  If the video just had plain text popping up in front of you, you would quickly grow tired of it.  Another thing I liked about this video was the choice in colour.  Yellow is my favourite colour, and when I see it used in a minimal colour pallet I get a teary eyed!  To whom every created the this beautiful piece of motion typography, I salute you.



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