I look way to much into web pages.

After taking web design with Sean Grant I’ve really started to view website in a whole new light.  Before I started doing any kind of web design I really was just like every one else that was on the web.  I viewed websites how they loaded on my computer never really  looking into anything with much detail. Facebook and youtube were just two sites I visited on a daily bases.  But after web class I learned how websites were built and the time it takes to make a site. Let me tell you I’ve really come to look at the web with new eyes.  Web design was so much more impact on the viewer then you would ever think.  Everything is done so the viewer will stay on your site longer,  every detail is strategically thought out on a properly designed website.  Designing a web site is much harder than it ever was because the mobile devices has changed everything.  Mobile device screens are much smaller then a computer is so a website has to be coded with this in mind, this is known as a “responsive design”.  Wordpress is actually designed to be responsive site. If you grab you a side of the browser and drag it in the opposite direction you’ll notice the the screen changes as your display changes size. I definitely plan to learn responsive design this summer.


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