Retouching or Resculpting


After searching around the net for some new photoshop techniques I could possible learn a thing or to about I found this video here.  In this five minute video you see  everything thats wrong with society.  The process in the video is known a “Retouching”. This is the act editing a photo to be more appealing(using the word loosely) to the viewers eye.  If you take the time and watch the video you’ll see exactly whats done to a professional level photograph of a professional model.  What happens in the 5 mins isn’t so much as “Retouching” but something more along the lines of  “Resculpting”.  Now as a man, A man that know photoshop quite well I’ve know about this for some time now.  What bothers me the most about “Retouching Resculpting” is the fact that it’s done so heavily to women.  Women in society strive to be just like these photos in magazines which are completely unreachable, and unrealistic.  I don’t know where this “Ideal Women” body type came from because to me it’s not beautiful.  It’s borderline sick, and gross looking.  I love women with curves, in my eyes thats beautiful. I women with shape, not pointy bones.  I understand everyone has something they don’t like about themselves, and yes photoshop can and does fix them, but completely altering the shape of a women to appear to look “Beautiful” is to much.  We need to do more to stop this kind of saver alterations,  because it’s a lie.  In Canada we don’t allow lying in TV commercial,  so why do we accept “Retouching”?


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