This blog – Copywriting

This blog was one of the many projects I was assigned to do for the most difficult class I have – It’s copywriting.  I reason I’ve had so much difficulty with this assignment as a whole is because I have a learning disability known as dyslexia. Which is a remarkably hard word to spell for a disability that effects reading and writing.  For example the other day I spelled “to” like “ot”  you’ll probably notice the correction in my take home test.  Writing has always been difficult for me. and I still struggle with it to this day.  I first learned that I was dyslexic when I was in grade four.  One day, I was pulled out of class and was told to do a flurry of different difficult test and experiments from some women I had never seen before.  This went on for about four days, meeting with this random women for long 3-4 hour testing marathons.  Afterwords the testing stopped and everything returned to normal.  Classes went on just like every other day. As time passed I wondered what it was all about.  Then one day the women showed up at the school again,  I said to myself “poop, more test!”  but this time it was different.  My mother was there.  The women went on to explain why I did all the testing, and what it meant.  I’m dyslexia and it sucks, and thats the reason I hate long writing assignments.


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